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K’dans: ca×dance (the; plural: cadances) a rhythmic sequence
Merriam Webster

Eigenaresse van de studio

Jolanda Hoefnagel (owner K'dans)


Ivan Cook

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Kenji van Nieuwenhuizen



Freija van Duine

My classes are a mix of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga: the dynamic flow of Ashtanga; the precision and attention to the actions in the positions of Iyengar. My pleasure in yoga is contagious. My class makes you powerful and energetic and at the same time I help you discover the peace and concentration within yourself. I can make adapted programmes for those with injuries or physical complaints.

Margreet Zijlstra

I’ve been teaching Hatha Yoga classes with much love since 2006, whereby my strength lies in the giving of personal attention and the making of connections within the group structure. I hope that yoga might also become your voyage of discovery, in which you experience awareness, discover your gentle Yin and powerful Yang energy, and that the connection you make between body and mind makes you feel complete!

Mignon van Beusekom

Dancing and movement are my driving forces in life and I want to share these passions with K’dansers!

Anouk Sergo

I am Anouk Sergo and I love teaching Classical and Modern Dance to all ages, from beginner to professional.


Corine Esnard

Since I fell under the Pilates spell, I feel and experience that my body will also be able to remain faithful to my great love for dance for a long time to come! And that experience brings me peace as well as pleasure! 

Elizabeth Fontaine

I'm originally from Alaska. Naturally being outside, near the sea and feeling every kind of weather is where I feel most at home. Movement has always been important to me, moving physically and moving forward in life, and learning. I love working at K'dans, the clients are always motivated, which gives me energy in my teaching. I try to bring a creative twist to all my classes with a focus on connection, with yourself and your surroundings.

Ladin van den Berg

Already at an early age I was interested in sports: Ballet, Volleyball and Basketball, to mention but a few. After years working in the banking and advertising branches, I followed
my heart and since 2012 I am employed as a Medical Fitness and Group Class Instructor. Since 2018 I teach Pilates with great pleasure at K’dans. I believe movement to be the best
medicine for your body and spirit. My motto is: “No matter how slow you go, you still lap everybody on the couch!"

Paulina Henao Restrepo

"Let me tell a bit about myself. I started to do Pilates in 2010 and I saw during these lessons that connecting your body to your mind and to learn how to breath really are important in this method. To do Pilates, you have to be willing to work with the mind and body. These are some of the reasons I love Pilates and wanted to study to become a Pilates instructor.


Hi, I am Paulina and I just moved to The Hague last year and I really like The Netherlands. I am positive, enthusiastic and I enjoy teaching people Pilates because it is a healthy and safe way to workout and the training is not superficial because it has a lot to do with the mind and emotions. I feel proud to see people stronger, relaxed, breathing in a proper way, with a better body posture and of course with a big smile during and after a Pilates session".


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