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Spetter pieter pater , lekker in het water.
Jodokus Kwak


Hatha Yoga is the main branch of yoga - which itself originated 5000 years ago in India - and became the most well-known in the western hemisphere. Using aligned positions (asanas), conscious breathing and mental concentration and relaxation, you attain balance between body and mind.

Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful, dynamic form of yoga and is the most intensive yoga form available at K’dans. This is a class for people who want to take on the challenging positions in order to get FIT. This intensive class is, however, suitable for almost all levels of experience and fitness (also for those with back complaints), because every position offers various options, whereby you can choose the level which most suits you.

Yoga FLOW is an invitation to come home to your body through a gentle yoga practice. Every body is welcome. Together we flow between mindfull breathing, awakening the senses,  opening up the joints, revitalizing the energy and deep relaxation. 



BARRE is a combination of Pilates, ballet and fitness training, long flexible muscles, strength and endurance are worked on using multiple props. It is a total-body workout with an emphasis on the buttocks, legs and stomach. BARRE is HOT and you don't have to be a ballerina!

Classical Ballet is a class for those who have some experience of Classical Ballet classes. Based on the ballettechniques and inspiring music you become aware of your posture and develop a strong and flexible body. The barre is ready for you on Friday evenings.

Classical/Modern combination

Modern Jazz Dance  Move differently! Warm up with stretches according to the Simonson technique, followed by a choreography of modern dance; organic, creative and soooooo great for your body!

Modern Dance

MOV&danslab  A dynamic class to expand the capabilities of the body. We learn how to utilize techniques from contemporary dance, floorwork, jumps, spirals, glides and basic acrobatics to move effortlessly up,down,fast and slow. We build through a warm-up, work technique and transition into short phrases of dance, followed with a light cool down. Come find a multitude of new movement pathways to integrate into your practice.



FUNdamentals In this lesson the emphasis is on what YOU want to be challenged in. your balance? Your strength? Your mobility? Your coordination? Lake? Basic forms of movement form the basis for feeling FIT in daily life. With a playful twist on the way to a FIT O...body, a new concept and nothing is fixed, do you like a new challenge and are you curious?