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Would you like to feel GOOD in your skin? On a journey to discover the best training programmes for YOU? Move along with us! K’dans is a place where we offer creative and varied classes for every level of experience and fitness, all with a necessary dose of FUN and awareness.

At K'dans we offer our classes during the corona crisis with an 'online' schedule. With personal attention and with the quality as customers are used to. 

We offer live streaming lessons AND weekly updates with new lessons on our own private YouTube channel. We work with the BEST teachers and a Master trainer for Pilates and MELT classes. 

At K’dans online:

  • there are 12 weekly 'LIVE' classes on Zoom and 4-6 new YouTube lessons on the schedule
  • you can find all our online classes at www.kdansonline.nl 
  • you can currently choose between two subscriptions: online Basic for €16,25 per month, online Plus for €32,50 per month
  • we love creativity and a high FUN factor
  • you are welcome after an injury AND when you are TOPfit
  • our qualified and experienced TEAM is ready for you and we also offer online personal attention
  • we are one of the “The Hague Treasures”
  • we stay up to date with the latest insights into movement and all that is GOOD for you!

At K'dans outside & inside:

  • you can do separate lessons until August.
  • you are welcome without a subscription
  • this summer we offer these SINGLE lessons for a reduced price:
    • workout + yoga + dance for € 8.50 (instead of € 11.00)
    • Pilates for € 11.00 (instead of € 17.50)
  • we go to different outdoor locations
  • we like creativity and a high FUN factor!

Normally also at K'dans:

  • we prepare a TAILORMADE programme for you if you choose private tuition
  • you can take the internationally recognised training course for STOTT PILATES instructors (ask for the conditions)
  • there is a professional child minder present for your child during a number of morning classes
  • we also go outside in the summer
  • our Pilates studio is fully equipped with professional apparatus.